Some things that I've written



  1. Gonzalez, F., Balajewicz, M. (2019) Dilated recurrent neural networks for learning multi-scale dynamics (Working paper)


  1. Gonzalez, F., Balajewicz, M. (2018) Deep convolutional recurrent autoencoders for learning low-dimensional feature dynamics of fluid systems , arXiv preprint arXiv:1808.01346 (Submitted to International Journal of Numerical Methods in Fluids)


  1. Gonzalez, F., Rogers, B. (2016) Asynchronous Navier-Stokes solver for unstructured grids using overdecomposition, Los Alamos National Laboratory Tech. Rep. LA-UR-16-27258, 104-124.

Conference Proceedings


  1. Bakosi, J., Bird, R., Junghans, C., Pavel, R., Waltz, J., Gonzalez, F., Rogers, B. (2017) Quinoa: Adaptive Computational Fluid Dynamics, 15th Annual Workshop on Charm++ and its Applications, Urbana, IL.


  1. Gonzalez, F. (2016) Numerical simulation of highly pulsatile blood flow through idealized femoral artery bifurcations, 2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium, Urbana, IL.


  1. Gonzalez, F. (2015) Gain scheduling approach to variable pitch vertical axis wind turbines, 2015 SAEOPP McNair/SSS Scholars Research Conference, Atlanta, GA. (2nd Place Oral Presentation Award)
  1. Gonzalez, F. (2015) Parallelized 2D vortex panel model for rotating airfoils, 2015 Undergraduate Research Symposium, Urbana, IL.